Digitaler Workshop "Migration and Agency in the Art Field“

Kooperation und Podiumsgespräch / 06.05.2021


Migration – Displacement – Deterritorialization. A Conversation between Aline Baiana and Lisette Lagnado in conjunction with the DFG Research Network: Entangled Histories of Art and Migration: Forms, Visibilities, Agents The talk will address Brazil’s reputation as a “country of immigration”, which has been forged throughout the 20th century to foster the myth of a “racial democracy”. This encounter aims to deviate from the image of a hospitable tropical country and unveil the structural racism that governs its society. The discussion is therefore intended to problematize the topic of migration merging it with the problem of displacement Artist Aline Baiana will present different projects developed in collaboration with local communities who are fighting expropriation and a criminal deterritorialization process. The acknowledgment of Brazil as an indigenous land is the necessary claim to encompass the ongoing anti-colonial struggle.